Our story

Webguy Themes is a WordPress products research & development business. We are developing a fantastic new premium theme, and it comes in combination with some plugins that we are developing these days.

Webguy Themes is not a new kid in the WordPress town; we started develop sites upon WordPress platform back in 2008. We developed hundreds of custom WordPress themes most of them specific to our clients. We also developed a premium theme for our local market and sold it combined with a customizing services. We developed some plugins as well. We have decided to go to the international market with a full solutions theme based on our long experience and broad knowledge of the clients needs and the WordPress capabilities.

This blog purpose is to share the process of thinking, designing, developing our products. It also, the place where we share the problems and challenges we encounter while working, and the solutions we find on the way.

Issues like:

  • How to design a great looking theme and code it correct and according to the WordPress standards and the way of thinking.
  • How to give the user the flexibility he needs but, also, make sure that his site will be looking good in any case?
  • How to create a full functional theme with keeping all the data be in the user’s hands, meaning, we want to let the user be able to change the theme without losing any data at all.
  • How to choose the correct 3rd party code, plugins, frameworks and so on to combine with our products
  • and many more.

We will be happy to read your comments, responses and questions, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

The Team

Founder, Product Manager & Web Developer

Daniel Shalgi Shira

Daniel is the founder of Webguy Themes, being the web development team leader & product manager at Webguy Themes. Daniel is a web developer since 1999, he holds a B.A in Computer Science and worked as a web developer, senior web developer and team leader in respectful companies. 

Daniel  was one of the co-founders of 2 web-based startup companies (iGiza 2005-2007 and Play4Goal at 2009-2010).

Daniel founded  Webguy on 2008.
Daniel believes that we are here in this world to make it a better place and give it to our children in a better condition than we got it.


Our developers are web developers (PHP, CSS, JScript and so on) & WordPress experts. They have many years of experience and knowledge. We can develop anything you need.​


Our top-notch designers have both experience and unique approach to web design. Our designers have already designed hundreds of web projects and sites.​

Project Managers

For the big, complicated projects our project managers will be there for you all the way from start to finish.


On our business page on Facebook you can ream news and tips about us and the products.


Our Twitter Channel is for important messages to our customers world wide